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Somatic Agency - Private Sessions

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Clients seeking solid and profound massage therapy for tension relief and rejuvenation are powerfully met by the skill base and mindset in the Somatic Agency context.

Many Somatic Agency clients, however, come to their sessions with the intent to mitigate long standing physical symptoms—ranging from sports injuries to genetic anomalies—seeking to discover more efficient and graceful ways of being embodied. Still other clients arrive seeking to

reset their physiological reactions to anxiety and depression or to somatically resolve long standing, emotionally charged symptoms that have their roots in traumatic events of all kinds.


The common theme that draws these three kinds of clients to this work is the ongoing human quest to lighten the load of what life offers up. Those clients who constitute the last category, however, are unusually ripe for the transformational aspects of the work because, though they have outgrown the compensatory structures in their lives, they still carry the primitive habituations that they needed to survive within the difficult circumstances of long ago. And they appreciate that the armament they created to manage their pain has become a burden on their soul.


Healing work is organic and is uniquely received by each person. Some people dive deep and fast and work intensively for several days at a time while others choose to work for two hours at a time once a month or season. Regardless, an introductory session is recommended before beginning a Five Phase series. One or several sessions might constitute a particular phase; many sessions can take place over an extended period of time; there is always a pause before beginning another series. This pause and structured context encourages refection and integration and keeps ventilated the relationship between the client and practitioner.

The Five Phase Journey

Somatic Agency sessions can be joyous, expansive and exciting but they are not casual and people considering it are advised to evaluate their motives for embarking on such a journey as this. One or several sessions might constitute a specific phase, yet many phases might be addressed in one session depending upon the individual client's background. Flushing the body with water, Vitamin A, B, C, & E and taking an Epsom-salts baths (for 20 minutes!) and saunas is recommended. It is helpful to have an expressive outlet such as journal writing, art, dance etc. Having a supportive circle of friends and a meditation practice is invaluable.


Phase One: Establish a communicative working relationship between client and practitioner. Through the building of trust and confidence in the quality of touch an understanding of the core issue emerges.


Phase Two: Unveiling. The issue and unhealed wound are revealed along with the associative thinking that has grown around the wound-experience. The work touches the core of the wound and invites a release to occur and an opening for life energy, 'chi', to flow throughout the body.


Phase Three: Commitment to heal: the inner dynamic that has emerged is made more conscious. Through manipulation of the musculature and testing, the connection between inner emotion and outer armament is apparent. The client can see the relationship between body and mind and own the issue to heal. Healing moves us from unclaimed anger, fear and grief to forgiveness, faith and detachment.


Phase Four: Relinquishment. The wound is cleansed with archetypal support, self-love and a spirit of dis-identification. Client assumes responsibility for letting go of the habituated armament that has evolved around the wound for protection.


Phase Five: Integration. The capacity to feel deeply one's experience, cultivate a compassionate life and feel safe in a world of impermanence is the ultimate value of this process. Changes in life-style, self-image, and tools for appropriate self-defense are explored as the journey into the Flow State deepens.

Somatic Agency

an inner odyssey with Fred Mitouer, Ph.D.


I share this brief overview of my work with you to facilitate your understanding and participation. Introductory Sessions are typically two to three in length and the fee is $500/ hour at my home office in Gualala. Sessions begin and end on time. Sessions begin and end on time. A customary 48-hour cancellation policy is expected. Although I travel the world to perform and teach my work, my home office on the Mendocino Coast is where I also offer personal retreats to interested individuals. These retreats can be further explained in a phone interview. Please call me at 707.884.3138

You may wish to fill out the client information form and release [see New Client Form at top of page] prior to our session to insure more direct hands on time in your appointment


Sessions in Somatic Agency are explorations of self through conscious touch. They can be viewed as the art of "peace making" between the inner human being and the physical body. Unlike massage and most styles of bodywork, which have physical goals as their primary focus, this approach is aimed at awareness itself. The focus is upon the causal place in the physical body where unconscious beliefs, repressed memory and charged unresolved emotional experience coexist. The reactivity and dynamic tension are accessed through the breath, subtle energy fields and deep tissue manipulation of the musculature. The dynamic tension leads us into a healing zone I refer to as "The Fertile Wound". Within this zone, perceptions are clearer, meaningfulness grows deeper and a spirit of lightness and confidence establishes itself within the structures of the individual's body and psyche.


Prior to your appointment you may wish to reflect upon your motivation for doing this work. A collage, journal entry or more intense meditation practice may serve to enhance your sensitivities. After your appointment, you may feel the need to rest more. Some people experience a sudden increase of energy followed by strong insights that demand a radical shift in their lifestyle. Be mindful to relax with the transformative process. Allow more time in your life to just let things be for a while.


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