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“The Hollywood A list’s favorite guru...a master.” —The New York Times

Fred Mitouer, Ph.D., is internationally known for his groundbreaking somatic therapy. He created Pacific School of Massage in 1978 and Transformational Bodywork in 1989. He has recently introduced Somatic Agency as the latest evolution of his work.

Fred invites the curious and the bold, those who are willing to answer the call to the internal adventure, to manifest a healthier and more activated body and spirit. Through shamanic depths and physiological expertise and training, Fred removes barriers and helps engage greater purpose in this present moment. He continues to empower and transform the consciousness and physical states of countless individuals in diverse fields spanning the creative arts to the corporate world.

Fred has been a featured presenter in International Conferences, including the International Somatics Congress, which he co-sponsored with the Association of Humanistic Psychology, The State of the World Forum and the 9th International Conference on Conflict Resolution, in St. Petersburg, Russia.

His writings have appeared in Perspective, Massage Magazine, Common Ground and Yoga Journal. He is a contributor to the award winning book, Healing the Heart of the World, Elite Press, 2005. He is author of Wounds into Blessings, which includes a sharing of stories that address the epic challenges that many of us face as physical/ spiritual beings. It brings to light insights and opportunities of what it is to be truly alive and conscious.

Fred has presented his work in a variety of venues internationally including Paris, Hong Kong, throughout the United States and has maintained a private practice in Northern California for nearly 40 years.

He is a father/grandfather and lives with his wife, Cheryl, on California’s Mendocino Coast. Together they founded Dragons’ Breath Theatre—a forum for cultural experiments in consciousness and irreverent play. In his leisure time he sculpts in metal and stone and rides his dragons.

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