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Fred Mitouer in the Media.

wounds into blessings book

Wounds into Blessings

Wounds into Blessings is that journey into the mysterious world of the healing work of Fred Mitouer and his sacred gift. It is a hands-on story of rare human intimacy at the edge of body and soul by a forty-year veteran bodyworker who takes the reader through a narrative arc of many client stories and his personal reflections about them. Implicit throughout is the dynamic tension between the unhealed wound and healing energy. We see how wound management–(and the accompanying pain and sense of limitation, victimization and despair)–results when healing energy cannot make contact with the wounded place. And we witness, when contact is made, how healing energy organizes a cleansing and rebuilding experience and re-establishes harmony and vitality on bodily, emotional and spiritual levels. Ultimately, Wounds into Blessings is a book about compassion and courage and light that can help us enlighten the darkness in our lives with greater dignity as we wrestle with, and embrace, our humanity and our ordinary life, our mortality and the ineffable forces of Grace.

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