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It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change.
                                                                      ~Leon Megginson ~ 1963


We are Fred and Cheryl Mitouer.  We are Transformational Agents who have created a holistic approach to healing and creative living with the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century.

We understand that change is inevitable and that transformation is intentional. When our efforts are intentional, we are co-creative in fashioning our life experience. Our offering to you is an embodied experiential journey that invites you to intentionally meet yourself in practical and soulful ways.

On a historical note: In The Fall of 2008 - after 30 years of teaching - we retired our Pacific School of Massage & Healing Arts which offered California State Approved Professional Massage Certification. Up until then, we continued to offer advanced courses in our Transformational Bodywork Program which we began in 1989. These courses offered massage therapists a dynamic venue for career enhancement and continuing education.

In our the decades in the laboratory of our private practices, courses and retreats, we witnessed thousands of challenging human predicaments and creative opportunities and came to see that our ultimate goal and focus needed to be the evocation of Somatic Agencytm in the recipients of the work. And so Somatic Agencytm has now become our primary offering. To that end, we have fashioned personal growth experiences for individuals and groups. Cheryl has ongoing classes and private sessions in Somatic Explorations - including Identity Work. Fred offers seasonal salons and classes in residential retreats at our home on the Mendocino Coast and throughout the world. These educational experiences are designed for both hands on bodyworkers and individuals whose artistic, psychological and shamanic orientations draw them to our offerings. We also co-create with other healing arts professionals specialty programs in therapeutic modalities and personal growth where there are many possibilities to explore.
With filmmaker L.Scott Jones, we have crafted a documentary film—GROUNDING LIGHT — ( to scale our work into the larger world. Please go to our website to access our 10 minute trailer and discover ways to participate.

Dragons’ Breath includes an amphitheater and Quantum Theater and an art/play studio. The amphitheater serves as a gathering place for community celebrations, rituals, ceremonies and theatrical performances. The Art studio is a creative workspace for making sculptures large and small that include life size figures to belt buckles and talismans. If you want to design and make your own, contact Fred; or buy any in stock, check out our store.

In 2013, Fred’s book, Wounds into Blessings was published. He frequently does formal and informal readings.

We invite you to peruse our website, see what we offer and inquire further about how we can collaborate with you to transform what is so in your life to what can be.



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